Strategic Security Advice

Saladin Afghanistan assists companies, governments and commercial organisations with strategic advice and services looking to make the most of international opportunities by reducing risk. We create effective ways of overcoming the security threats and challenges that can have a negative effect on potential success.

Our Consulting team provides government and private sector clients with strategic advisory services to help manage and reduce key non-financial risks. Our approach is focused at the senior decision-making level to enable clients to understand their critical risks, identify priorities, and make informed choices about where to invest limited resources to manage and reduce those risks.

The core areas of consultancy work are:

Strategic security advice:

We advise governments and organisations to identify key security related risks and help develop solutions to manage them. Our approach is wide ranging, encompassing solutions focused on improving traditional security as well as long-term stability. Our work focuses on the security system as a whole,and involves developing security policy, liaising with relevant authorities, and contingency planning.

Market entry strategy:

Entering a new market involves a good understanding of the risks involved and implementing appropriate counter-measures. By seizing the opportunity and understanding and mitigating key risks Saladin help clients take advantage of the opportunity.